Results! From the Business Intelligence Metrics Analysis


If you have ever tried to solve a problem for a very long time, looked for answers, had people tell you what the solution was, tried all the solutions you could think of, asked everyone you knew who you thought knew more than you about the topic what the solution was and did what they said and still nothing ever worked, this was where we were with our business.  We were operating on “answers” we had gotten from others or decided for ourselves would solve the problem and it was not getting any better.  We had a time when the business was flying!  We were doing everything right it seemed and then it ended slowly and over time and we could not figure out why.  We could not bring it back to where it was.  Enter Renata and her amazing Business Metrics Analysis.

She took our data dating back several years and analyzed the trends of the business.  She was able to spot on determine when the difficult times began and helped us to see what was happening at that time, before and after.  This included key employees and their actions and decisions and attitudes as well as ours as the owners.  When we finally isolated the EXACT spot and the EXACT cause of the decline it was as if the lights had been turned on for the first time in a very long time.  It was not what we had expected.  We had seen a very different reason for all of this and it was not what we suspected or even saw, but it was right on.  It was the truth and we saw if for the first time.  It has been life changing.  We can now see what was really right with our business and what went wrong.  We can now restore what we had and what we had wanted to build in the first place and the reason was not at all what we thought it was.  We can with confidence now renewed in our own abilities and actions and decisions put back what was destroyed and make right what was wrong.

This service is nothing short of amazing!  If you are anything like us, our business is an extension of our purpose in life and being unable to expand and win and be successful with it was demoralizing and miserable across the board.  We see now that the future really is bright and what we had created with our business really is a grand thing and our purpose to help others with it is renewed and our hopes and goals for the future seem now within our reach when a few days ago they seemed so far away.  Thank-you.  I hope many others can receive the answers they are looking for and take this chance to recover what they might think was lost to them and find the reasons to move forward to more and more success.  When one of us wins we all win!  Success is catching!

Dr. M from Georgia

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How exactly productivity leads to profitability?


 A company is really a group of individuals joined together by similar or common purpose.  Every individual has a specific job and a valuable final product to obtain.  The combined valuable products should add up to the company mission statement.

Each employee and executive is either doing his job and achieving his position’s valuable final product, or he isn’t.  This could be caused by a lack of training or by an unwillingness to do ones job.

Employee’s performance on their job can be measured by assigning a statistic that measures how well he is obtaining his valuable final product.

Statistics can be reviewed weekly or even daily to determine the employee’s productivity.  High productivity leads to profitability.

Determining the valuable final product for each position in the company and assigning the proper statistic to monitor productivity are of vital importance amongst the many tools a manager can use to increase profitability.


Renata McDonald

International Licensed Business Consultant

Hubbard Management Expert



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The two prong solution to a high personnel turnover



A high personnel turnover stems from two main reasons.  The first one is that the hired employee is truly not qualified.  It is standard to check the references, education and prior experience on a potential candidate, but that is just one aspect of the process.  Have you checked how fast he comes up with the answers to your questions, how swiftly does he walk and move himself, how is he sitting in the chair in front of you?  Is he sitting like someone proud of himself or all slouched up like he doesn’t care?  How is his personal grooming?  People treat themselves very much like they would treat others.  If he doesn’t care if he is shaved,  if she isn’t well groomed, clean and sharp looking, he or she are likely to not care about others and their well being either. The answers to these questions tell you how well he fits in your team.

The second reason (if they passed the first test as described above) is: are they well trained for their position in your company?  Making mistakes is not pleasant for the employee, nor are they for the owner and/ or supervisor.  You want the new employee, even if knowledgeable in his exact job, to know the basic procedures of your business.  How you want things done.  It is vital for any business to implement a training period for new employees. You want them to win and be successful right from the start. Without it the accumulations of losses from blunders and mistakes causes the new person to leave.

I hope this helps.

Renata McDonald

International Licensed Business Consultant

Expert in the Hubbard Management System

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The five most basic fundamental do’s and don’ts in business during rough times  

  1. A business’ biggest asset is its clients. Make sure every single one of them is 110% satisfied with your services. 
  1. These are the times where superb service should be the norm of the day and is performed by every single employee in your firm. 
  1. These are not the times, as a remedy for a low cash flow and lack of funds, to cut corners and bring the quality of your service down. This will only result in a loss of clients. 
  1. More marketing and more promotion is what will secure your company’s future. More potential customers have to be reached to obtain the same results that you were getting during better times. 
  1. Less promotion or cutting all marketing expenses will only bring a failure in growth. Nothing remains the same: you either grow or contract.

 Let me know your thoughts on this.  

Renata McDonald

International Licensed Business Consultant

& an Expert on the Hubbard Management System

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55% net increase in net profit and 68% increase in gross revenue, now those a tangible results!

I have helped many businesses with our Business Intelligence Metrics Analysis and the results are always amazing.  Here is a visual of one of our recent results:

Gross Revenue &  Net Income

Here is our most recent client success:

 “My business has been up and down for a number of years and the amount of time and effort it has taken to keep it on track has been exhausting at best.  We have applied WISE technology throughout the years to the business and have also let a number of points slide.  The instability of the business with no prediction on how to keep the good times rolling has been maddening.  Since I don’t have a back up profession I’ve stuck with it and I actually am quite skilled at delivering a good product so to find a new game hasn’t been real to me.  2 weeks ago Renata finally convinced me to use her expertise and services to debug why I can’t get the business stable.  This was no easy feat for her,  I was willing but resistant and her persistence and caring made me realize it was exactly the same kind of persistence and caring I’ve had for my patients when I know I can help.

The first step of her analysis was quite eye-opening!  She found the exact reason we did well and the exact reason we were unstable.  I am truly relieved and believe I can get my business back on track and expand from there with the information she uncovered.  I had never looked at the problem from this viewpoint and I am thrilled to finally see it!

Thank you so much Renata!

Julie Gatza, DC ”

Contact us if you would like to experience similar results!

Renata McDonald

International Licensed Business Consultant

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Management and Stress! How do you deal with it?!

Stress is most times the feeling of not seeing a simple solution in sight.  It leaves you overwhelmed.  Too much going on all at once.

You are dealing with a confusion of some sort; small or big but always a confusion.  The best way, I found, to deal with it is to force yourself to look at it “straight it the eye” and start tackling a small portion of it.  It doesn’t seem to matter which portion. As soon as I have done that, I get the perception that things start to calm down.  I then see the next thing that needs be done and so on.

It has been working like magic for me.

Try it yourself and let me know if it worked for you too!

Renata McDonald

Licensed International Business Consultant

Hubbard Management System Expert

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How Do You Raise Employee’s Accountability?



Each individual in an activity should have a statistic that measures their production and that the individual takes responsibility for. The statistic should contribute to the overall desired product of the activity. This can be used by the individual and management to monitor production.

I have found, on occasion, that an employee will object to this (wanting only a “group” statistic or intimating no ability to control the statistic because of “other areas”). Experience shows that if this does not easily resolve with education regarding the purpose of statistics you have an employee who has no intention of functioning for the benefit of the company that employs them and has a very low responsibility level for their actions at work. Act accordingly.

Such employees effectively make you responsible for their activities. While you may be perfectly capable of handling that responsibility, if you spread this out across an organization you get worked to exhaustion. So to obtain a lot more pleasure out of work – have each individual operating on a correctly assigned statistic!



Renata McDonald

International Licensed Business Consultant

Hubbard Management System Expert

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Can’t take time off from work? This is for you!

exec office

The 4th of July. A day many in America get to take some well- earned time off from the work-a-day world.
A proven way of getting yourself some free time you wouldn’t normally have is to handle each action you get involved in to a complete “done “ right then – before starting something else. Most people tend toward taking up a written memo or e-mail , reading it, putting it away to address later. When “later” comes you now spend the time to reorient, reconsider your options, and only then start handling. Repeat this over an extended number of actions and I’m sure you can calculate for yourself the amount of lost time.
Much more enjoyable to earn yourself free time to spend as you wish by applying the above.

Renata McDonald
International Licensed Business Consultant
Hubbard Management System Expert

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If your bottom line is important to you – you should read this


The best employees you can have actually completes each cycle he starts. This is unfortunately not all that common. By “cycle” I mean a production action that one begins, continues, and ends when the desired product of the action is attained. Examples abound of failing to do this such as stopping to answer the phone and shifting to something else, accepting an order from someone other than their supervisor to begin a different task, simply not wanting to do it and not saying so, etc. When cycles are not completed, experience shows a backlog is likely to occur in the production of an area. This leads to shifts of personal to handle –creating more backlogs in other areas. This can become so pervasive that it seems the normal state of affairs. This can be disaster for the bottom line of a company as the profit is lost in the desperate measures sometimes required to meet orders or deadlines.


It does not have to be this way.Train employees to finish to a real “Done” any action they start. Treasure those who become good at it. Then far less emergency handlings prove to be needed. Have you found this to be true for you?

Renata McDonald 

International Licensed Business Consultants

Hubbard Management System Expert

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There is no substitute for an executive’s own observation

One of your greatest executive tools is your ability to observe. To simply see what is there, what is actually being done or produced.  This requires actually being out of one’s office and physically looking at production lines etc. Frequently what you are being told will not match what you see. I have found looking for myself to be far more effective than listening to someone else. What is your experience?


Renata McDonald

International Licensed Business Consultant

Hubbard Management System Expert

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