55% net increase in net profit and 68% increase in gross revenue, now those a tangible results!

I have helped many businesses with our Business Intelligence Metrics Analysis and the results are always amazing.  Here is a visual of one of our recent results:

Gross Revenue &  Net Income

Here is our most recent client success:

 “My business has been up and down for a number of years and the amount of time and effort it has taken to keep it on track has been exhausting at best.  We have applied WISE technology throughout the years to the business and have also let a number of points slide.  The instability of the business with no prediction on how to keep the good times rolling has been maddening.  Since I don’t have a back up profession I’ve stuck with it and I actually am quite skilled at delivering a good product so to find a new game hasn’t been real to me.  2 weeks ago Renata finally convinced me to use her expertise and services to debug why I can’t get the business stable.  This was no easy feat for her,  I was willing but resistant and her persistence and caring made me realize it was exactly the same kind of persistence and caring I’ve had for my patients when I know I can help.

The first step of her analysis was quite eye-opening!  She found the exact reason we did well and the exact reason we were unstable.  I am truly relieved and believe I can get my business back on track and expand from there with the information she uncovered.  I had never looked at the problem from this viewpoint and I am thrilled to finally see it!

Thank you so much Renata!

Julie Gatza, DC ”

Contact us if you would like to experience similar results!

Renata McDonald

International Licensed Business Consultant


About mybusinessconsultants

Over 20 years of successful executive experience. Recently turned around and expanded a safety company ending in a profitable sale. We have the ability to deliver hands on consulting, observe all aspects of operations, identify causes of lost time, both obvious and hidden. We design and implement new processes to reduce non-value added activities that will decrease overhead and increase profitability.
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